Welcome to the FTC Jaybots page!
Team #6378

Fast Facts!

  • 4th year of competition
  • first year we had only 4 team members;  now we have 17
  • last year we qualified for States after a fantastic performance at the January 10th qualifying tournament at Conrad Weiser Middle School

Goals for 2015-16:

  1. Attend 4 Tournaments (1 to observe, 3 to compete)
  2. Build an amazing robot that can complete all 2015-16 FTC tasks
  3. Improve team job roles and strategies
  4. Improve team engineering notebook
  5. Recruit more team members
  6. Increase Community Outreach and Awareness

Our Community Outreach, Awareness, and Partnerships:

CCES Book Fair---Bringing Bots to Kids!   November 2013, 2014, & 2015
We encourage younger students to become interested in robotics.  This year we featured "Candy Bot," and had kids drive robots to try to pick up candy.  We also sold little kits of "BristleBots," which we made ourselves out of toothbrush heads.

DYCO Robotics Tour--Inspired by Robotics in Local Industry   October 2014
We observed the bottle packaging plan, DYCO.  We found their robotic arm, imported from Germany, to be very impressive.

JayBot Parents in Partnership   November 2014 & 2015
We held a parent meeting during which we demonstrated the progress of our robot and explained the program and competition goals.

Kawneer Robotics Tour   Spring 2015
We took a tour of Kawneer's plant and studied their autonomous assembly arm.

Kawneer Grant   Spring 2015
We received a grant for $15,000 over 3 years from Kawneer after we invited them to see our robot.