Central Columbia Classes Conduct Orienteering Activity

During the Week of September 17, 2018; students in the Forest Science and Environmental Science classes conducted an orienteering activity to prepare for timber cruising.  Students learned on how properly determine their pace as well as sharpen their skills with the use of a compass to determine proper direction.  Students will apply these skills in their timber cruise in the application of the Biltmore Cruising Stick and Diameter Breast Height Tape.  These skills will be utilized later this year at the area FFA Forestry CDE and Envirothon.

Here Garrett Engler (12th grade) and Jonah Klock (12th grade) prepare to conduct their compass evaluation along with determining their pace.

In this photo, Cody Young (12th grade) and Mackenzie Fish (12th grade) use a compass to determine direction and prepare to complete their pacing activity.

Issac Gensemer (12th grade) calculates his footage between set points of interest during the orienteering activity.