Agricultural Science Class Learns Meat Processing

During the Week of December 3, 2018; students enrolled in the Agricultural Science III course began their Unit of Study in Meat Science.  During this unit, students will learn about the history of the meat industry, the processes utilized to process meat, the methods used to safely store meat and the procedures utilized to market meat to the public community.  Students will learn about the different laws pertaining to the meat industry and lastly students will apply their learned knowledge in the Food Science Lab as they learn the proper methods of cutting meat, safe use of the equipment and the different packaging processes used in today's market place.

Here Matt Turner (11th grade) and Hunter Valles (11th grade) prepare and cut venison for proper packaging.

In this photo, Matt Turner (11th grade) and Jacob Busch (12th grade) procedure with the task of de-boning meat for latter processing in the dehydration unit.