Agricultural Science III Course Conducts Meat Science Activity

Students in the Agricultural Science III course at Central Columbia High School conducted a meat science evaluation activity this week.  Students have been studying the meat science unit as part of the curriculum and placed that knowledge into action this week with an activity on yield/quality grading, advertising, marketing and labeling.  Students were assigned an area with a specific prompt and design a presentation lesson to instruct other students in the class about their assigned section.

Jacob Busch (12th), Julia Priestman (11th), Lindsey Kingston (11th) and Cody Lehman (11th) conduct their presentation on yield versus quality grading.

Cody Lehman, Lindsey Kingston, Jacob Busch and Julia Priestman read the directions and begin to design their presentation.

Hope Maxein, Garrett Arnold, Hunter Valles, Josh Cohen work to design their presentation as part of the meat science activity.