Stem Magnet Program - Bloomsburg University

What is the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Magnet Program at Bloomsburg University? 

This is a brand new program at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania forhigh achieving local high school juniors and seniors.  This opportunity will allow high schooljuniors and seniors to get a head start on a college career in the STEM disciplines.  While engineering will serve as the primaryarea of initial emphasis, this program is relevant to you if you are interestedin math or other sciences.  It is well-documented that there is a high need for students who major in a STEMsubject.  It is also well-documented that there is about a 50% drop-out rate of students. This program will give you the tools you need to be successful at the college of your choice, give you a head start on classes that you can use for a STEM major and introduce you to other students from the region who areinterested in STEM too!

What will you do in the STEM Magnet Program at Bloomsburg University?  

You will be able to stay at your own high school for your junior and senior year; however, you will be in a cohort ofstudents who will take 2 college classes per semester at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.  In addition, you will join your cohort for 4 days at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in the summer to learn more about this program. Classes at Bloomsburg University will include:

Computer Science, Coding, Engineering Sampler, Engineering Seminar, Calculus I or II, Physics I,Physics II, Technical Writing, Economics and Ethics.

Learn about the possibilities when you are a STEMmajor:  

You will meet with engineering, medical and other professionals in the region who can share with you the opportunities that will greet you when you have earned your STEM degree.  In addition, you will be mentored, one-on-oneby one of the experts in the field during your two years in this program.

How Do I Apply?  

You must meet the eligibility requirements.  Then, complete the attached application.  There are only 18 slots in this first year of the program. All applications will be reviewed by a STEM Magnet Panel, based upon arubric.

What are the Minimum Requirements to Apply?

Must have taken Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry
Must have taken 2 years of a science
Your science or math teacher must provide a positive recommendation
You must have a minimum attendance record of 95%

What will be required if I’m accepted to the STEM Magnet Program?  

A 4 day commitment in the summer (the 4 days are not consecutive).
Attendance at Bloomsburg University for 2 courses during the day for the entire academic year.
100%willingness to learn and participate
Compliance with Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania policies

What is the cost to attend the STEM Magnet Program? 

The cost is $3,100 per year.  However, scholarships for this program areavailable.  Please contact Dr. ElizabethMauch ( if you are interested in applying for ascholarship.

Application - Coming soon

What's next?

All applications will be reviewed by regional leaders in the field.  After review, you will be notified by email of your acceptance status.  If accepted, you will receive acceptance forms.  You must complete these forms.  Receipt of these forms confirm your attendance at the STEM Magnet Program.  You will also receive information about the program at that point.
When are applications due?

March 15

 If you are interested in obtaining more information, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Mauch ( or 570-389-4005.


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