Student Services

Central Columbia Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP)

The Central Columbia Elementary Student Assistance Program is a team of faculty, staff, and local human services agency personnel.  Their job is to identify the needs of the students at Central Columbia Elementary School, and refer the students in need of additional support to outside programs.  The team has been professionally trained in matters of dealing with the identification of student's needs and the removal of barriers to learning within the school environment. For more information about ESAP, CLICK HERE.

Elementary Student Support  Group                                                                                  

These support groups are designed to provide opportunities for grades one through four to strengthen coping skills, resiliency skills, decision-making skills and much more. Groups will be scheduled approximately one time per week/cycle and usually consist of approximately 4-6 students depending on age. Group times will be determined in conjunction with classroom teachers so that students do not miss critical instruction time. Support groups for students work best when they are diverse and dynamic.  Students are placed heterogeneously into groups so that students can learn to generalize their decision-making, resiliency and coping skills to all stressful situations.  Groups are not just for students with big problems but are designed to provide a supportive small group setting where any child can benefit from practicing decision-making and coping. They are facilitated by me, Jennifer Flick (School Social Worker) and/or student interns who are learning to facilitate elementary student support groups.  Students can be referred for student support group by their teachers, other staff members and/or parents.  Students will occasionally refer themselves for participation in "group".  Group is not designed to provide "therapy" for students.  They are educational, practice-oriented, small group activities.  To have your child participate in group select the following link: Group Form.