Contact Information

Last Updated: 6/15/2021 1:38 PM

Following is a list of school officials to contact with questions or concerns.  The first contact about a student's school work should be the teacher or guidance counselor.  Contact information for teachers and guidance staff can be found using the Staff Directory link at the right.  Additional guidance information can be found through the links at the right as well.  For questions with broader implications not ordinarily handled by teachers, please contact the appropriate person by dialing 784-2850 and then the extension shown when requested:


Building Related Problems

Emily Brockman, E.S. Principal - Ext. 1002

Chad Heintzelman, M.S. Principal - Ext. 2150

Adam Comstock, H.S. Principal - Ext. 3444

Unresolved Matters

Jeffrey Groshek, Superintendent - Ext. 4016


Kevin Morgan - Ext. 3150

Building/Facilities Usage

Rosey Tretter - Ext. 4016

Buildings and Grounds

Dwayne Prosceno - Ext. 4011

Business Office

Steve Dolak - Ext. 4041

Cafeteria and Food Service

Kimberly MacDonald - Ext. 4008

Curriculum/Cyber School/Home Schooling

Jeffrey Groshek, Superintendent - Ext. 4016 

Health Services

Jan Dubbs, H.S. - Ext. 3401

Special Education

Christina Fish - Ext. 4043


Nicole Lenhart - Ext. 4000


Extension 4002


Alyson Livziey - Ext. 4026