Student Registration - High School

Central Columbia High School Online Student Registration process.
9th Grade to 12th Grade

  1. Online registration is available by selecting this link:  Online New Student Registration 
  2. Make an appointment to register your child(ren) to attend the Central Columbia High School. Please call Mrs. Karen Temple, Guidance Secretary at 570-784-2850, ext. 3120 or email Mrs. Temple at You can also make an appointment in person at the High School, during normal business hours, just ask for Mrs. Temple.
    1. If you prefer to complete the forms on paper and have a printer at home, select this (future link) to download the forms. Then bring the completed paper forms with you to your scheduled appointment.
    2. If the options above do not work for you, the student enrollment forms are available in the High School Office and can be picked up during normal business hours.
High School Registration Forms
Create Parent Portal Account
Release of Student Records Request
Student Master Control
Notification of Offense Involving Weapons
Home Language Survey
Custody or Protection from Abuse Orders
Proof of Residency Form
Breakfast and Lunch Program
Attendance Procedures
Academic Calendar for District
Certification of Multiple Occupancy by Owner
Student Emergency and Health Information