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OneDrive Data/File Backup Procedure



1.      Make sure that your iPad iOS version is at version 11 (11.3 to be exact). 

a.      If your iPad is NOT at iOS 11, UPDATE IT NOW. You were directed to update it to version 11 months ago.

2.      Make sure that you have a good, updated backup of all your files/data. If you have any questions on how to backup your files/data, the procedure is attached and on the CCSD web site in Technology Info and Status(

a.      You should have performed a backup of your files/data a number of times in the past. Especially each time you performed an iOS update. If you have any questions, review the procedure attached or online.

3.      Back up all your needed files/data. You might have other data or files (photos, video, special APP data) that you need. If you do not back it up, it will be gone forever.

a.      All your eBackpack files/data should be saved in eBackpack. The same should be true in other App or web-based systems. Check this.

Again, you need to back up all you needed files/data on your iPad NOW. And back it up again before you receive your new replacement.

Forward any questions to,
John Monick



Students, Teachers, and Staff, Your district iPad should be at least:

  • Elem. School, iOS 11.x
  • Middle School, iOS 11.x
  • High School, iOS 10.x (upgrade schedule for 2nd semester to iOS 11.x)

Teachers and Staff, Your district MacBookPro should be at least macOS, 10.12.x Sierra (High Sierra in the Summer '19)



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