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Last Updated: 5/24/2019 1:43 PM

About the Future Ready PA Indexwww.futurereadypa.org

The accountability system for Pennsylvania public schools looks a little different this year. Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), public schools are required to measure school performance in four categories.

  • Academic proficiency
  • Academic progress (growth)
  • Graduation Rate
  • English Language Learner proficiency

Previously, this data had been reported online by the state with the release of School Performance Profiles (SPP) for each school. Schools would receive a number on a scale of 0-100, and the number was calculated based on a variety of factors such as those listed above.

This year, Pennsylvania has moved to the Future Ready PA Index, which is meant to be a more holistic approach to measuring school performance. The Future Ready PA Index includes the measures of academic proficiency and growth, along with some new measures such as career readiness (several indicators have been added to showcase what a district may be doing in several areas of Career planning and College Readiness) and chronic absenteeism ( If a student is absent greater than 10% of days enrolled (180 days=18 days) for ANY reason, the student is considered chronically absent.)

For additional information, please take a few moments to watch the informational video and review the PDF files posted below from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).


About the Change

The Future Ready PA Index will serve as Pennsylvania’s one-stop location for comprehensive information about school success and will use a dashboard model to highlight how schools are performing and making progress on multiple indicators.

The dashboard approach to school reporting:  

  • Increases emphasis on student growth measures, which incentivizes a focus on all learners and is less sensitive to demographic variables.
  • Measures English language acquisition among ELL students, not simply performance on a test of grade level ELA standards.
  • Incentivizes career awareness instruction beginning at the elementary level.
  • Addresses the issue of unequal weighting of content areas in the current SPP.
  • Provides indicators of student success after graduation.
  • Increases the emphasis on student access to course offerings such as AP, IB, college credit, and CTE programs of study.
  • Allows LEAs to include locally-selected reading assessments (Grade 3) and math assessments (Grade 7) as additional snapshots of student progress.
  • Incentivizes schools to offer career pathways that culminate with high value, industry recognized credentials.



Progress is measured using three categories: 

State Assessment Measures 

  • Percent proficient in PSSA and Keystone Exam results in Math, English Language Arts, and Science 
  • Annual growth expectations through the Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System

On-Track Measures

  • English Language proficiency
  • Chronic absenteeism ( If a student is absent greater than 10% of days enrolled (180 days=18 days)
  • Grade 3 reading/grade 7 math early indicators of success

College and Career Measures

  • Graduation rate
  • Career readiness benchmark
  • Industry-based learning (such as industry standards-based competency assessments, high-value industry-recognized credentials or work-based experiences)
  • Rigorous courses of study, including Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, college courses or CTE career pathways

Schools are evaluated in these three areas and receive an overall score for each. The score is illustrated with a blue, green, or red dot. Blue indicates a school has met or exceeded standards or goals for the category, green indicates a school has met or exceeded the interim target, and red indicates a school has not met the standard or interim target.