Bluejay Alert

Bluejay Alert - District Alert, Emergency Information and/or School Closings/Delays

Central Columbia has a Bluejay Alert system powered by OneCallNow that will alert you to any school district emergency, school closing or delay.

If you are a parent with children attending the Central Columbia School District, your child's household telephone number is automatically enrolled in the alert system based on the current student household telephone number in our Student Information System.

Use your Parent Portal to make sure that your child(s) PRIMARY (Household) phone number is correct so that you receive needed Bluejay Alert Telephone calls.

If you have a Parent Portal login, use this link, Parent Portal - LOG IN

If you do not have a Parent Portal log in, use this link, Parent Portal - CREATE ACCOUNT

If you have any issues or questions logging into your Parent Portal, use this link, Parent Portal - HELP REQUEST

Select this link for instructions on how to check and/or change your child(s) household telephone number (can be a landline or cell number).


Bluejay Alert is a public service. As such, anyone can add their telephone number to receive a Bluejay Alert. Students can add their personal mobile phone number to receive Bluejay Alert calls. Local businesses can add their telephone number to receive a Bluejay Alert call.

Use this link to add your personal telephone number to the system. 

It takes at least 24 hours to add you to the Bluejay Alert Notification system.