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How to resolve eBackpack APP issues...

  1. The students HAS TO log into the ‘LOG IN INTERNET’ App at least once a day. Every day at school and at home.
  2. Their iPad should be restarted at least once a week, daily if they are experiencing ANY problems (ie., battery or APP issues).
  3. Swipe up (close) all APPS, so that the ONLY app running is the eBAckpack App.

If all of the above does not resolve the issue, then proceed to step 4, below.

  1. Delete the currently installed eBackpack App, and reinstall it from the Bluejay App Store.


More detailed info can be found below:

  1.  Double tap the Home button and "swipe up" on all opened apps.  Then, press and hold the home button and the power button until the iPad reboots.  Then try eBackpack again. If you continue to have issues, continue on with step 2.
  2. Press and hold your finger on the eBackpack app until it shakes, then press the small "x" to delete the application. Next, re-download it from Bluejay Apps.   If you don't see it listed under Apps, look for it under Updates.

When you sign back into eBackpack, you must enter the account name. In the screenshot below, the account MUST say bluejays.  Then tap "Next" and enter ONLY your username and password.  Not your full email address. 


  1. If you continue to have issues with the App after these steps, please try using the official eBackpack website.  In safari, navigate to https://bluejays.ebackpack.com/ and start using the web-app instead.