School Achievement Data

Last week the PA Department of Education released the test (PSSA and Keystone exam) results from all schools for 2017.  The website uses the data to rank PA schools.  I am pleased to report to you the outstanding performance of all Central Columbia schools this past year.
Here is a quick summary:
·         CCSD ranks 34th out of 571 school districts in PA (top 5.9%).  We are #2 in the CSIU (Lewisburg is at    #32).
·         CCHS ranks 42nd out of 659 high schools (top 6.4%).  We are #1 in the CSIU.
·         CCMS ranks 45th out of 864 middle schools (top 5.2%).  We are #2 in the CSIU behind Lewisburg.
·         CCES ranks 237th out of 1,546 elementary schools (top 15.3%). 
To see this and other school data, I direct you to:  Enter “Central Columbia” and begin searching and looking at our data.  The most recently released data is included.  The data set includes charter schools.
This website provides school rankings based solely on state test scores (although it does show other interesting school data over the past ten or so years).  The statistical model this website uses to rank schools is a sound one.  They take each state assessment, calculate a z-score (a score based on how far you fall from the state average—“1” is the state average; higher than one is above the state average), then determine your standard normal score (which is basically a percentile calculation which allows you to be ranked versus other schools—“50” is the state average with a low of zero and high of 100); then averages the standard scores for all tests taken in the school.  This “Average Standard Score” is then used to rank the schools and districts.
Congratulations goes out to our students for their outstanding performance.  Thanks and congratulations go to our teachers, staff, parents and community for everything that goes in to making a small, rural school district into an elite academic institution.  It takes a lot…..but the rewards are extremely satisfying.  Thank you and have an excellent day!

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