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Perimeter Security Checks

Officer Bradley and I conduct perimeter security checks on all school buildings each day.  These checks are done at random times and includes challenging all doors from the outside. 

CCSD police will continue to do our checks during the school day; the CCSD custodial staff, particularly second shift, is also responsible for checking doors near the end of their shift.  However, security is a 24 hour responsibility, and we would appreciate everyone joining in to assist us in keeping our CCSD community safe.


Allowing access inside the building

Allowing access inside the building:  Opening a locked door to allow person(s) into the building

Solution:  Though we have not witnessed any specific instances, this just serves as a reminder that all visitors, vendors, and guests must enter any of our school buildings through the front door to allow them to go through our security measures and be known to the appropriate people that they are in our building.  We all want to be courteous, but opening a door and allowing anyone to bypass those measures puts us at risk.  If you encounter anyone outside our building who wishes to enter, courteously advise them to go to the front office entrance.  If you exit the building during the day, please make sure the door is closed and you do not let anyone in behind you.  If after advising a person of our procedure you encounter resistance, or find the person suspicious, please find a way to contact CCSD police and/or administration immediately.

Unlocked Doors

Unlocked doors:  Several doors were found to be unlocked during the school day.  The amount of unlocked doors appears to increase when after school activities are occurring.


Solution:  With all doors being locked through the school day, anyone who unlocks a door for a valid reason should report that to the building’s front office and security, and also bear the responsibility of locking it immediately after the need to have it unlocked is satisfied.  The unlocked door should be monitored continuously during that time.  After school, coaches and advisors bear the responsibility of ensuring the door(s) they unlock to allow for player access are locked immediately after their practice or event concludes, unless they notify a coach/advisor who immediately follows them in the same facility and passes that responsibility directly to them.

Locked Doors Ajar

Locked doors ajar:  After the school day starts, all of our doors are locked.  Some, though locked, have been discovered open because the door remains slightly ajar.  Numerous reasons have been discovered, including drafts from inside the building that prohibit the door from closing on its own, an item propping the door open, a door mechanism in need of adjustment or repair or a door simply left pinned open and unattended.

Solution: All employees need to ensure any door you enter or exit through the day closes behind you.  If you are with a group or class exiting the building,  please be the last to exit or enter the building and ensure the door is closed behind you.  If you see an item near a doorway being used as a prop, remove it; if it is valueless, discard it.  If it has value, deliver it to the lost and found area of the school.  Report any door that appears to be damaged or have a faulty mechanism to maintenance for immediate redress. 

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