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TRT's ONLY, procedure to upgrade your iPad to iOS 12

  1. Make sure that you have a good, updated backup of all your files/data. If you have any questions on how to back up your files/data, the procedure is OneDrive Data/File Backup Procedure
    1. Back up all your needed files/data. You might have other data or files (photos, video, special APP data) that you need. If you do not back it up, it will be gone forever.
    2. All your eBackpack files/data should be saved in eBackpack. The same should be true in other App or web-based systems. Check this.
  2. Update your iOS device, iPad.
    1. Select, Settings > General > Software update. Follow the instructions on how to download and install the update.
      1. Toward the end of the update process, you will be prompted to turn on 'Update automatically' DO NOT TURN THIS ON.

Forward any questions to,
John Monick

Apple is going to release a new version of their iOS operating system very soon. Do not upgrade your school iPad to iOS 12.

You might be prompted by Apple to upgrade your iPad, wait until we give you the all clear to upgrade. Do not upgrade your school iPad to iOS 12.

Central Columbia S.D. utilizes a lot of different software and Apps. Some will stop functioning with the new iOS 12, initially. Do not upgrade your school iPad to iOS 12, even if prompted to do so by your iPad, until we give you the go-ahead

Students, Teachers, and Staff, Your district iPad should be at least:

  • Elem. School, iOS 11.4.1
  • Middle School, iOS 11.4.1
  • High School, iOS 11.4.1

Teachers and Staff, Your district MacBookPro should be at least macOS, 10.13.6



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