Technology - iOS update check list

Below is your iOS upgrade check list. Make sure that you check the 4 steps below BEFORE you apply any upgrade to you iOS device.

1. Make sure you're signed into the OneDrive App on your iPad to backup your files. You can do this simply by opening the OneDrive App on your iPad and making sure you're signed in. If you are not signed in, sign in using your CCSD email address and password.  If you do not have the OneDrive App, it is available for download in the BlueJay App Store.

2. Make sure Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and any important Photos are backed-up in OneDrive.

Pages/Numbers/Keynote all have the ability to save to OneDrive.  Be sure to upload any important documents to your OneDrive before updating your iOS. To back a document or photo up to OneDrive, simply tap the share button, select the document you want to backup and then select OneDrive

3. Make sure Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are using OneDrive 

Open Word, and look in the top left corner of the App window for your name. If your name isn’t there and you see “sign in”, tap on it and enter your school email address and password. After signing in, save any documents or projects you have on your iPad and save them to your OneDrive. To do this, tap on “open” in the left menu, and then tap on “iPad”. You will see a list of documents. Next, to each one, you’ll need to tap on the “upload” icon (square with an arrow pointing up). Then tap “Move to Cloud”. Name and save your file. Repeat for any other local iPad documents or projects in Word, Powerpoint or Excel.

4. Make sure you have uploaded any projects or assignments you are working on in eBackpack.

Following these steps will ensure that your data and files are saved in another location in case your device experiences an issue during the upgrade. This has happened and the users iPad was ‘bricked’ and they lost all their files and data that was not backed up.

To update to the most recent iOS version go to Settings, General, Software Update